Kitchen Pass Sewer Dredge Spring Pipe Dredge Tool


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Good ductility, with a grip, better to clear the blockage
Dispose of the sink pipe regularly to avoid water in the sink or slow drainage
easy to use. Gently tap the handle to pick up the hair, leaves, etc., the sink is not blocked



Material: PP + stainless steel

Name:Kitchen Pass Sewer Dredge Spring Pipe Dredge Tool

Weight: Same as varaint


Package Content :

1x Sewer Dredge Spring


Additional information

Weight 90.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 40 cm

Color randomised 3pcs, Black 160cm, Color randomised 2pcs, White85cm3pcs, Color randomised 5pcs, Yellow 85 cm, Yellow 60cm, Yellow 60cm 2pcs, Black 90cm 3pcs, Yellow 60cm 3pcs, Black 160cm and White 60cm, Color randomised, White 85cm, White 60cm, Black 60cm, Black 90cm, White 90cm


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